Corrugated Van

Well, what can I say that’s not already been said, other than besides corrugated packaging, we make wooden packing cases and pallets too. We also make wooden “No Nail” boxes, which surprisingly, don’t have nails, they use a metal edging that we make ourselves to hold them together, genius! So, if you’re a business and use for any of those, just follow the links and we’ll see what we can do for you!

All about the Corrugated Van

You’ve probably guessed, we like corrugated, we make and sell loads of boxes all over the North of England made from it, (and further if you ask nicely!), so it’s only natural that we wanted a corrugated van! Yes, it’s old, unlike our factories and machinery, yes it’s French, unlike our factories which are in Middlewich, Bradford & Newton Aycliffe, and yes it’s unreliable, unlike us! Anyway, it’s a 1970 Citroen HY Van, it made its way across the Channel in 2012 and was renovated for us in the same year, and we think it’s cute!

Northern Corrugated Cases Limited